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How to extract X number of fields based on another field value in the data?


I am capturing some machine data and am wondering if it is possible to grab more or fewer fields via field extraction based on a size field in the data itself?

1480823739.999999 bus device [6] aa bb ff 00 33 33 
1480823741.999999 bus device [2] ab f0 

with the [6] and [2] in the data being the size values respectively.
My present field extraction regex looks like this:


This gets me extracted up to the message bytes. While I can just import the data values as a single field, I would like to be able to pull each two hex characters into separate fields based on this size data.

Expanding on my regex, if I add multiple byte extractions to cover all instances, the smaller messages will not be extracted.


This results in the 6 byte messages being trapped and none of the smaller messages will.

Can I have Splunk create multiple >byte1<,>byte2<,>byteN<... extractions based on the >data_len< field?

Thank you,

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What you could do is, create a multi-value field. In your props.conf add the following

EXTRACT-msg_bytes = \]\s(?<msg_bytes>.*)

This will extract all the message bytes into a mv field called msg_bytes. You can then use this in your search query to get to individual bits using split() or makemv.

base search that returns in msg_bytes amongst others | makemv msg_bytes delim=" " | eval msg_length=mvcount(msg_bytes) mvexpand msg_bytes | you should now have msg_bytes extract into individual events.

OR if you just want a specific one

base search that returns in msg_bytes amongst others | eval msg_bit=mvindex(split(msg_bytes, " "), 0) | this will give you the first bit etc.


sundareshr, I cannot wait to try this tonight. Thank you for your insight!

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That is a good link as well, thank you dmaislin! Will let you folks know how it turns out.

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