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How to edit my timechart search to include the top command?

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I want to raise an alert when the topmost field changes..

my weblog | implication prefix=geo client | time chart span=15m count by geoCountry

the above command gives several countries..but I only want one country (similar to top limit=1)
however timechart command doesn't seem to work with top command..

I want to monitor over a span of 15 min to see if the top requests from a country changes..

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Give this a try (assuming you run the search for last 30 mins)

my weblog | implication prefix=geo client | eval period=if(_time>=relative_time(now(),"-15m"),"current","previous")  
| stats count by period geoCountry | sort period -count | dedup period | stats values(geoCountry) as geoCountry | where mvcount(geoCountry)=2

This will return results if the top country for current (last 15 min) and previous (15 mins prior to last 15 min) period is different (last stats gives two values)

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can you add something like:

|sort 0 _time - count|streamstats count as topCountry by _time|search topCountry=1

the streamstats should count 1,2,3,4.... for each country in order of highest to lowest count every 15 minute interval and then you search for the ones equal to 1 to get the top.

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