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How to edit my search to find the sources from soucetype?

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I am using the following search | metadata type=sourcetype| where match(sources) to find all the sources that a particular sourcetype has. Can someone please help in the correcting the search?

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| metadata type=sources sourcetype=*

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You need another s for starters but you cannot do what you are trying to do with the command that you are trying to use. See what I mean with these:

| metadata type=sources index=* OR index=_*
| metadata type=sourcetypes index=* OR index=_*

But you can do it with tstats like this:

  | tstats values(source) WHERE index=* OR index=_* BY sourcetype
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Hi kteng2024, You might find tstats would work better here. i.e.

| tstats count where sourcetype=YOUR_SOURCETYPE by source

This will give you a list sources for that sourcetype. It should be fairly quick to run over large timeframes.

Please let me know if this answers your question! 😄

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If you're collecting data for all sourcetypes then use this variation.

| tstats max(_time) as recentTime where index=* by sourcetype source
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