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How to edit my search on modified files to include additional details (what got changed) for an alert?

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I currently have an alert set to notify me on any mass modification files over 100. The alert only provides the User, Operation, Source, and Count. I am now being asked to provide the details (what got changed) along with the alert. For example, I would like the alert to not only contain the count per operation, but the actual record of what got changed. Please see my current search string below.

sourcetype=udp:514 host = "D:\\Data"   NOT Read   NOT Permissions | stats  count by user, operation, machine_source | rename user as User, operation as Operation, machine_source as Source,  | sort -count  | search count>100

Thank you!

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Like this
.... | stats count list(details) as whatchanged by user, operation, machine_source | rename ....

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Thank you but how do I remove those extra fields? thanks

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