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How to edit my SEDCMD-mask regex on a heavy forwarder to mask a string in my sample data?

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Having issues using SEDCMD on Heavy forwarder layer. I have a complex REGEX with multiple pipes |||| But it is not working. I even tried without pipes (||) and one pattern but it still the same issue

SEDCMD-mask = s/\,{3}(\"[^\"]+\"|\w+\S[^,]|\"\W.+\"|\S[^,])\,/\,{3}(###)\,/g

Trying to mask "Accepted: FW: Global Fun Time (Feb. 11, 2011)"

2018-02-01T21:09:51.445Z,,ABC001.abc.abc.com,,ABC001,14321413285;2018-02-20T21:11:49.539Z;ClientSubmitTime:2019-02-20T21:03:46.000Z,,STOREDRIVER,DELIVER,22037477195836,<2dsadsa213421432141324dewdqe@SN6PR08MB5472.abc.prod.outlook.com>,b3213213c-ef2c-4096-ad06-08d69776e8c9,abc@abc.com,,32956,1,,,"Accepted: FW: Global Fun Time (Feb. 11, 2011)",s.s@abc.com,aa.aa@abc.com,2019-02-20T21:03:47.931Z;SRV=abc.com:TOTAL-FE=0.000|SMR=0.004;SRV=ABC001.com.com:TOTAL-HUB=0.383|SMR=0.157(SMRDE=0.005|SMRC=0.151(SMRCL=0.111|X-SMRCR=0.156))|CAT=0.205(CATOS=0.034 (CATSM=0.033(CATSM-Unified Group Post Sent Item Routing Agent=0.004|CATSM-Malware Agent=0.027 ))|CATRESL=0.005|CATORES=0.163(CATRS=0.163(CATRS-ScanMail Routing Agent=0.148|CATRS-Index Routing Agent=0.013 )))|QDI=0.024;SRV=ABC001.COM.COM:TOTAL-HUB=0.441|SMR=0.165(SMRDI=0.012|SMRC=0.153(SMRCL=0.099|X-SMRCR=0.156))|CAT=0.126(CATOS=0.001 (CATSM=0.001)|CATRESL=0.001|CATORES=0.121(CATRS=0.121(CATRS-ScanMail Routing Agent=0.120

Any help would be helpful

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Re: How to edit my SEDCMD-mask regex on a heavy forwarder to mask a string in my sample data?

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Use this:

SEDCMD-mask = s/\,{3}(\"[^\"]+\"|\w+\S[^,]*|\"\W.+\"|\S[^,]*)\,\s*\d+\)/\,{3}(###)\,/g

If you are overriding/overwriting the sourcetype, USE THE ORIGINAL VALUE.
Deploy to the first full instance of Splunk that gets the events (in your case HF tier).
Restart all Splunk instances there.
Send in new data.
When validating, use All time for your Timepicker and add index_earliest=-5m to your search SPL.

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