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How to dynamically remove a field from search & how to dynamically use threshold from lookup file and change color based on it?


Hi All,

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I am stuck with 2 questions may be due to my Splunk query knowledge, hope you allcan help me in resolving the same.

Question 1:-
I have to dynamically remove a Responsetime field from a search when ComponentName is XYZ. I treid using if command splunk fields is not supported in it i believe. We are getting the ComponentName from drilldown via a token.

Question 2:-
I have to dynamically change the color of a panel based on the threshold value from a lookup table. Example:-
for ComponentName=xyz the threshold is 900 than the color should should be changed when threshold > 900 to red and threshold <900 to green.

Please do let me know if you any questions.

Thanks for your help 🙂

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