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How to display several time ranged search results in one dashboard panel?


Hi guys,
Is it possible to create several searches on data, differing in time range, and then display them in one dashboard panel?

We collect a huge amount of logs in splunk and looking at 3 or 5 days old data takes enormous amount of time. I was thinking of creating saved searches on hourly base for the past 10 days and concatenate the results so I get one panel with last 3 days, another with the last 5 days and one for the last 10 days. That way I will only need to add one day to the combined result , and drop the oldest. Is that possible? If so, any tips on where to look?

I searched the questions here and the internet but couldn't find a clue. I am quite new in splunk, so maybe I am asking something stupid. Splunk Version is

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