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How to display date values based on picker and sort it based on the value being pick

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Hi - i'm working on a simple dashboard where user will pick a certain date in a multipicker. Once date is being picked it will display data on every panel. My issue is that whenever i picked multiple dates for example:


it will always get to the point that it will display the highest numeric value  (30-Oct-2020) despite that I picked the other dates first.sample.PNG

what i am looking for is to display date based on what did i select in the picker regardless of its numeric value and they should get display from right to left

i tried to change the date format in the lookup to see if it won't get sorted automatically but to no avail. it seems that date with the highest numerical values will automatically get sorted ascendingly

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| gentimes start=01/01/21 end=01/20/21
| table starthuman endtime
| eval starthuman = substr(starthuman,1,10)." 2021"
| reverse

If you make the X axis a string, I think you can do it in any order.

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