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How to display comma separated in two column in Splunk under events or statistics or visualization?


case_S56_search_Get_T01_search,{"success":false "message":"Note not found: 52229548" "messageCode":"**" "localizedMessage":"Note not found: *****" "responseObject":null "warning":null}


I want to display above string  comma separated in two column in splunk under events or statistice or visualization

I have thousands of string similar like like with different names of first string (case_S56_search_Get_T01_search)


index=**** source=*ResponseAnalyzer* | rex field=ExistingFieldMaybe_raw "[,\s]+(?<MyCaptureFieldName>[^,]+)"

Please help me

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If the first part doesn't contain comma, you can simply do


index=**** source=*ResponseAnalyzer*
| rex field=ExistingFieldMaybe_raw "^(?<My1stCaptureFieldName>[^,]+)[,\s]+(?<My2ndCaptureFieldName>[^,]+)"


This will give you something like

case_S56_search_Get_T01_search{"success":false "message":"Note not found: 52229548" "messageCode":"**" "localizedMessage":"Note not found: *****" "responseObject":null "warning":null}

Is this what you are asking?

Also curious: are you sure that the second part is not a conformant JSON object, i.e., there is no "," between fields? (No effect on rex.)


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