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How to display a unit format and a color format in a single panel with an appendpipe subsearch?



I use the search below


    [| inputlookup host.csv 
    | table host] `diskspace` 
| fields FreeSpaceKB host 
| eval host=upper(host) 
| eval FreeSpace = FreeSpaceKB/1024 
| eval FreeSpace = round(FreeSpace/1024,1) 
| search host=$tok_filterhost$ 
| stats latest(FreeSpace) as FreeSpace by host 
| table FreeSpace 
| appendpipe 
    [| stats count 
    | eval FreeSpace="No event for this host" 
    | where count = 0 
    | table FreeSpace ]


I use a color visualization in my color panel





The problem is that when the appendpipe condition is true, the message displayed is "No event for this host GB" instead "No event for this host"

I tried to delete the number format option and to add it in the code but it's the same problem


| eval FreeSpace=FreeSpace." GB" 


How can I keep the format option and the color option of my single panel with the appendpipe subsearch?

Thanks for your help

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