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How to display a table row that expands with more than one level?


I wonder if Splunk is able to display a table statistic with the following layout. Does anyone know? Thanks

Category                                  Findings
=======                                   ========
OS                                        100
     Windows                              50
          Browser                         50
             IE                           10
             Chrome                       40
     UNIX                                 50
Total                                     100
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Yes, you can. If you use addtotals you are able to specify a totals row. You would want to use something like:

| rest of search | table Category Findings | addtotals row=f col=t labelfield=Category Findings
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Hi jpolcari, my bad, I didn't describe properly. The "category" is a makeup field. OS and Browser are the field names. If put them into a table, it looks like the following:

OS                            Browser                       Findings
=====                      ===========              ============
Windows                 IE                                   finding_01
Windows                 IE                                   finding_02
Windows                 Chrome                        finding_03
UNIX                                                               finding_04
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