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How to display a legend at the bottom of a pie chart panel?

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Can anyone provide the xml code to display the text or Legend at the bottom of the pie chart panel?
Text to be displayed : "Foo"-Yellow color ; "Foo1"-Blue color; "Foo3"-Green color.

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I think you just need to set charting.legend.placement to "bottom"

In Sideview Utils XML,

<module name="ValueSetter">
   <param name="arg.charting.legend.placement">bottom</param>

In Advanced XML:

<module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
  <param name="charting.legend.placement">bottom</param>

And in simple XML, I believe you would add this to your ``

 <option name="name">charting.legend.placement</option>
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You may need to elaborate what you've already tried, what you specifically need, and how your attempts are failing to do what you need.