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How to disable serverclass aids

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In the serverclass spec link:serverclass.spec , Is there a way to disable these "helpful" regex aids? I'm already pretty good at regex and these "aids" are breaking valid pcre regexes.

 * These patterns are PCRE regular expressions, with the following aids for
   easier entry:
     * You can specify simply '.' to mean '\.'
     * You can specify simply '*' to mean '.*'
 * Matches are always case-insensitive; you do not need to specify the '(?i)' prefix.



This regex
whitelist.0 = cu-idp\d*-[pcrzd]-(idp|tst)\d+.*

had to be changed to
whitelist.0 = cu-idp\d{0,}-[pcrzd]-(idp|tst)\d+*

even though the first one is valid PCRE.


Also, little help with the serverclass link mods? It looks like I don't have enough rep to create a link

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