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How to delete a lookup table file and definition?


I am testing some lookup files in a dev environment. I would like to clear out the first few tries and work with only the newest file and definition. I have no delete option the UI. The definitions allow me to disable, but I want to just wipe them out.

What is my course of action? Splunk 6.1x

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If you have permissions you can delete them from Settings -> Lookups -> Lookup table files or Lookup Definitions.

On many browser window resolutions the delete option is on the far right and the page isn't rendered with a scroll bar. Zoom out or increase the resolution to see the delete option on the far right.


I ran into something similar today, not sure if it's the same.
I could not find the delete for the definition I created, until...
I scrolled sideways to the right.

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go to your splunk_home/bin directory in command line interface.
and run splunk clear ... command
you can run splunk help clear command to see all option about delete sommething

for me i use linux i do like this:
in CLI cd /opt/splunk/bin

./splunk option clear

to see option clear command before use to delete what you want.

note: you can use delete command.

sorry for my english.

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hi fecikertmd;
Are sure of what you are saying i have created a lookup table file and defintion i can see the option delete on this UI both of them can you try it again but i will like to give you a reference that is what i try to use and i was able to see the option delete on UI on both of them in which i can delete .
please can you check on reference on the documentation Splunk-6.1.1-SearchTutorial i think this may help you . You will see how to do this lookup table file and the definition lookup very well on page 51 Splunk-6.1.1-SearchTutorial.

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