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How to define transaction that begin and end with the same condition?

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We have periodic events of the same kind and I want to count the time (duration) and the number of other events (eventcount) between them. For example, consider streams of events coming from different streams:

stream=1: Marker
stream=2: Marker
stream=1: Marker
stream=3: Marker
stream=3: Marker
stream=2: Marker

I tried using a transaction with the same start- and stop- condition:

transaction stream startswith=Marker endswith=Marker

expecting it to do what I want -- but instead, every such "transaction" has a duration of 0 and event-count of 1. Instead of three transactions in the above example, I got six...

How can I create a stream of transactions, where the starting event of the next one is also the ending event of the previous?

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Like this:

Your Search Here
| streamstats count(eval(YourMarkerFieldHere="YourMarkerValueHere")) AS sessionID
| stats count BY sessionID

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| makeresults count=2 
| streamstats count 
| eval _time=if((count == 2),relative_time('_time',"-1@d"),relative_time('_time',"@m")) 
| makecontinuous span=1m 
| eval stream=((random() % 3) + 1)
`comment("this is sample data")`
| streamstats count
| xyseries count stream _time
| sort count
| eval count=1
| stats delim="," list(*) as stream* by count
| eval count=max(mvcount(stream1),mvcount(stream2),mvcount(stream3))
| eval counter=mvrange(1,count)
| mvexpand counter
| foreach stream*
    [eval stream_<<MATCHSTR>> = mvindex(<<FIELD>>,counter - 1)]
| autoregress stream_1 as stream_1_p
| autoregress stream_2 as stream_2_p
| autoregress stream_3 as stream_3_p
| fields stream_*
| foreach stream_* stream_*_p 
    [eval duration_stream_<<MATCHSEG1>>= round(stream_<<MATCHSEG1>> - stream_<<MATCHSEG1>>_p)]
| foreach stream_* 
    [eval <<FIELD>>=strftime(<<FIELD>>,"%F %T")]
| fields - stream_*_*

I tried various things on the premise of extracting the stream fields.

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Sample events and expected output will be help us to work on your issue.

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