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How to create a search with string column to generate a chart with 3 data points?


I'm an intermediate Splunk user.  I have a query that has 3 fields i want to turn into a chart:
1. mySearchTerm (string)
2. geoID(10 values, each is a unique 5 digit number: 10010, 20020, etc...)
3. the count of searchTerms that appear per geoID

I am able to get a table going using:



<main query> | stats count(mySearchTerm) as myCount BY geoID, mySearchTerm
| table geoID myCount mySearchTerm




But when I go to build a visualization of any kind (bubble, scatter, etc) the layout looks wrong.
I'd like to create a visualization of count of mySearchTerm broken down by geoID

2 part question:

1. Does my query seem appropriate for my intended use?

2. Is there a specific chart type that is more suited for this information?

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You don't need the table command

Either line or column chart would probably work

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