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How to create a bubble chart?



I've calculated the amount of purchase actions grouped by the productId and the elapsed time (in minutes) after userregistration.

productId | minutes | amount
productA | 5 | 1500
ProductB | 10 | 300

For example in row1: 1500 purchases for productA have been made exactly 5 minutes after user registration.

I would like to create a bubble chart with x-axis=minutes, y-axis=productId and the bubblesize should represent the amount of purchases.
Is this possible? I haven't been able to achieve my goal yet.

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to create a bubble chart?

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I'm afraid that both X and Y axes need to be numeric value.
Bubble Chart accept three/four columns, either xAxis,yAxis,bubbleSize or bubbleName,xAxis,yAxis,bubbleSize

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