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How to correlate events from different sourcetypes from different timezones and no matching fields

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We have logs coming into Unix and Windows Webspere. Every logon in Windows generates an event in Unix with the type of security connection used (Ex: Web 3 and secure). The only thing matching in both the logs are index, and the challenge here is the logs in Windows Websphere have a _time of 5 hours ahead from that of Unix. I tried the search below, but no events are showing up.

index=ABC_XYZ UId="*" "Logon" sourcetype="websphere:unix"
| eval First_time = _time 
| join index
[ search index=ABC_XYZ "logon" "*web3qa*" sourcetype="websphere:windows" Target="*"
| eval Error_time = _time]
| where Error_time = First_time+18000
| stats  earliest(First_time) as First_Logon by UId
| fieldformat First_time =strftime(First_time,"%I:%M:%S%p")
| fieldformat Error_time =strftime(Error_time,"%I:%M:%S%p")
| table First_Logon,First_time,Target

If editing the time in search doesn't work, my plan is to change the _time value in props file of the default app for this sourcetype. Please advise on how to do so.

Thanks in advance

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can you please eloberate or edit my search query? and like i said i dont have any matching field to map from.. the log from unix just shows the type of connection used and windows shows the userid. As we know that they have a time difference of 5 hours we can manually see the connection between two logs. how do i match the events based on _time and _time+18000?

Please advise

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Share some sample data from both logs.

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