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How to convert to multivalue field?


I'm trying to convert a field with multiple results into a multivalue field.

I'm querying a host lookup table that has several hostnames. I'd like to create a single multivalue field containing all the hostnames returned by the inputlookup command separated by a comma. I'm using the makemv command to do this but it returns each host as a separate result instead of a single result with all the hosts separated by commas. 


Any suggestions?

here's my query:

| inputlookup host_table

fields hostname
| makemv delim="," hostname

| table hostname


Thanks in advance.


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First, please clarify that you want a comma-delimited string as output, not a multivalue field.  Is this correct?  to get a true multivalue field, use

| inputlookup host_table
| stats values(hostname) as hostname

To get one comma-separated text string, do

| inputlookup host_table
| stats values(hostname) as hostname
| eval hostname = mvjoin(hostname, ",")

This latter output will be single-valued.

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