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How to compare two searches and find a missing values in each search



I try to compare the Active Directory (AD) logs with the antivirus (AV) logs in order to find two things:
- Assets with a (potential) functional problem of antivirus (asset present in AD, but not in AV logs)
- Assets with an AD connection problem (asset present in AV, but not in AD logs)

So I need to find assets missing in both searches and not only the difference between them (that's why I can't use set diffquery), something like that:

The result of initial searches:

A    A
B    B
C    C
D    F
E    G

The result i'd like to have:

miss_in_ad_logs   miss_in_av_logs
       F                 D
       G                 E

I tried to wright a query like in this question, but failed 😞 Could you please help with the search?
Here are the initial searches (almost identical and both are pretty simple):

index=antivirus_index | fields asset_name
| dedup asset_name
| table asset_name


index=ad_index | fields src_dns
| dedup src_dns
| table src_dns


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Could you try the search below?
The table should list both fields, with the field missing a value blank and the index listed should be the index containing the value.

| fields asset_name index 
| dedup asset_name 
| table asset_name index 
| append 
    [ search index=ad_index 
    | fields src_dns index 
    | dedup src_dns 
    | table src_dns index] 
| table asset_name src_dns index 
| where asset_name!=src_dns


Hello oscar84x,

Appreciate your help!

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. Everything works perfectly except for the last line: for some reson it shows "no results found". I tried to replace where by search and search NOT, but with no success 😞

Finally I decided to perform to independent searches and show the results in a dashboard.

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