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How to compare CutoffTime with current time?


 I have created a lookup table with filename and cutofftime within which we have to receive the file. I have to compare Cutofftime to check if its falling within 30 mins of current time and retrieve that particular file name from lookup  and search for it. Please help me with query

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Assuming your lookup field for cutofftime has epoch value, you can retrieve the filename based on your condition like this:

| inputlookup yourLookupName.csv | table filename cutofftime | where abs(cutofftime-now())<=1800 | table filename

If it's in some specific string timestamp format, replace "abs(cutofftime-now())" with "abs(strptime(cutofftime,"Your Time Format")-now()".  Find your Timeformat here.

Once you finalize your above query, your search data for your retrieved file like this:

index=YourIndex sourcetype=YourSourcetype [| your finalized query | which will give filename. your may have to rename field 'filename' to field name that your index/sourcetype has] 


I was able to figure out working query.Yes I have used similar logic mentioned by you.Thanks for the response.

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