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How to combine two different columns in a table into a single column?


I have table as below generated from splunk

     C:x  D:x  E:x  F:x  C:y  D:y  E:y  F:y
A    2    1    0    3    5    6    7    8
B    0    2    8    9    0    8    9    0

I want to get a table as below

       C           D           E           F
A   X:2 Y:5     x:1,Y:6     x:0 Y:7     x:3 Y:8
B   X:0 Y:0     X:2,Y:8     x:8 y:9     x:9 Y:0

Please help me in getting this. Thanks in advance

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Give this a try (assuming first

your current search giving output1 | untable column1 Metrics Data| rex field=Metrics "(?<Metrics>[^:]+):(?<Term>.+)" | eval Data=Term.":".Data | chart values(Data) over column1 by Metrics
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