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How to combine the results of multiple searches in a single table or panel?

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I'm trying to create a dashboard panel with a statistics table, which needs to be populated with the results from multiple searches.
I have searches which will populate each row of a table, which would look something like:

               Tested Limit     Historical Peak     Headroom     Today's Peak
Requests/s        20,000            10,000            100%           8,972 
Responses/s      120,000            20,000            600%          12,899

Obviously, the formatting of the results would be easier if the results could be obtained using a single search, but this is not the case. I would prefer having to avoid creating a custom dashboard just for this, so I'm looking for an alternate approach.

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Splunk Employee

Hi @JohnBelliveau,
Here's an older post on Answers addressing what sounds like a similar question--using multiple searches in a single table. There are a couple of different options, depending on how your event data is structured and the searches you want to run for the table:

One suggestion in the above post is to use the appendcols command to append fields from subsearches. Here are some examples in our documentation:

You could also check out the Dashboard Examples app to get some ideas. In particular, the "Multi-Search Management" example might help:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need more suggestions,