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How to combine information from 2 different sources like sourcetype=eea:loghandler and lookup file

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Dear all

I have 2 data sources: logs forwared to the server as :
and lookup definition file as userswithemail

called userswithemail.csv

I have a key field in both sources the same:
in sourcetype=eea:loghandler is called user with values like firstname.lastname@domain.com
and in lookup definition file I have email field, same value firstname.lastname@domain.com
and this is the case for all users

I need to get an aggregated reports of users from

sourcetype=eea:loghandler by joining the department field from lookup definition file userswithemail(userswithemail.csv)

When I try to make an OR:
sourcetype=eea:loghandler OR inputlookup userswithemail
got no results

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Hi @silviuchiric76,
you should try something like this:

| lookup users_with_email.csv email AS user OUTPUT department
| dedup user
| sort user
| table user department

A little hint: use always index in your searches to have faster results!


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I am interested for an inner join after email.userswithemail = eea:loghandler.user

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