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How to chart the count of requests to a website with the website's shannon value (ut_shannon)?


Dear Team,

I am trying to build a chart like this:
- x-axis is the website name
- y-axis is the number of request to that website
- on top of the bar for Website, I want to display the ut_shannon value of that website.

Is there anyway that we can do it?

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Path Finder
SearchTerm (anything like sourcetype="access*" ) | chart count as "Number of Request to Website" over websitename

1) save this report to a dashboard.
2) Add panel new >Event > type same search and extract that field (ut_shannon )
3) Save this panel on top of your dashboard.

please upvote and mark my answer correct if this works for you thanks 🙂
don't hesitate to ask me for any further doubt

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Similar to this question it appears:

Which is using this as the search:

....<your search using chart/stats like count by somefield> | eval somefield=somefield."-".count

but instead yours will be something along the lines of:

 * | chart ... by somefield | eval <whatever>=somefield." - ".ut_shannon

Then in 6.3 and later you should be able to show the values on the actual chart by:

Format > General > Show Data Values > On

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Yes, i will try both solutions now to see which one is working. Thank you everyone.

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