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How to change highcharts data label shape

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I've got a time chart and wanted to know if it is possible to change the data label so it's surrounded by a conversation bubble. I know this is possible with CSS, though the class assigned to the data labels (highcharts-data-label) doesn't seem to accept border through CSS. This seems to be possible using the highcharts-data-label box, though that class appears to be in use for the box that appears when hovering over a point instead of on the data labels.

Highcharts has the following sample - hxxps :// jsfiddle.net/gh/get/jquery/1.7.2/highcharts/highcharts/tree/master/samples/highcharts/css/series-datalabels/

This is the type of data label that I'm trying to get: alt text

Here is what I currently have (using CSS outline for the label):

Does anyone have experience with this?

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