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How to change Inline Search based on the click.value in Simple XML?



I am trying to implement an inline chart whose search criteria will change based on the $click.value$ on the table.



Column-A   Column-B
ABC          456456
NBH          5635635

Drilldown will be based on the value of $row.Column-A$

Now the inline search should change based on whether the value selected is ABC or NBC

IF $row.Column-A$=ABC

index=blah sourcetype=blah ...|timechart

 IF $row.Column-A$=NBC 

    index=blah2 sourcetype=blah2 ...|timechart

Is it possible to toggle the depend field like this? Any Ideas?

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hi theouhuios,
try like this and let me know if this solves your problem

  <label>In-Page Drilldown</label>
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
            Create an input to store the drilldown value. It will be hidden using custom javascript when
            the dashboard is loaded.

    <input type="text" token="Column_A" searchWhenChanged="true"/>

    <table id="master">
      <title>Display </title>
      <searchString>index=index_name sourcetype=sourcetype_file |table Column_A  Column_B</searchString>
      <!-- Set the type of of drilldown, since we will always consume the same field, use row-->
      <option name="drilldown">row</option>
        <!-- Use set to specify the new token to be created.
                     Use any token from the page or from the click event to produce the value needed. -->
        <set token="Column_A ">$row.Column_A$</set>
        <!-- If we also set the form.sourcetype the input will get updated too -->
        <set token="form.Column_A ">$row.Column_A$</set>


   <panel id="detail" depends="$Column_A$">
     <title>Column_A=$Column_A$ </title>

     <input type="dropdown" token="newstatus" searchWhenChanged="true">
        <label>Change the value of Column_A</label>
        <choice value="ABC">ABC</choice>
        <choice value="NBH">NBH</choice>

          <condition value="ABC">
            <set token="new_search">index=index_name sourcetype=sourcetype_file  Column_A=$Column_A$ |timechart count </set>

          <condition value="NBH">
            <set token="new_search">index=index_name sourcetype=sourcetype_file  Column_A=$Column_A$ |timechart count by Column_B</set>

        <title>change the chart depending on the value of Column_A</title>


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I tried using the same but when I use "change" and "condition" it is not able to get the query and i get the message as "No search query Provided". Any idea if it is version issue or something else. I am currently using 6.1.

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