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How to calculate the time range between two events?

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I have data like below. How do I calculate the time difference between A.1-B. 1, A.2-B.2......A.n-B.n

Time Offset Word1
978         Start                      -------> A.1
1152           Start                           -------> A.2
1358           Start                           -------> A.3
1375           Controller                    -------> B.1
1569           Start                             -------> A.4
1577           Controller                    -------> B.2
1771           Controller                    -------> B.3
1965           Start                              -------> A.5
2095           Controller                     -------> B.4
2167           Start                               -------> A.6
2348           Start                               -------> A.7
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  ... | eval timea1=if(match(_raw,".*A\.1.*"),_time,null())
 | eval timeb1=if(match(_raw,".*B\.1.*"),_time,null()) 
  | eval Tab1=timea1-timeb1 
  | table timea1 timeb2 Tab1

Something like that, but we need more details such as what your field names are, etc to make it a more appropriate answer.

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Thanks for your answer. May be I didn't explain so clearly, A.1, A.2, B.1 are not in the event. The real data is just like
978 Start

1152 Start

1358 Start

1375 Controller

1569 Start

1577 Controller

1771 Controller

1965 Start

2095 Controller

2167 Start

2348 Start

Is there any way which could calculate the difference between first start and controller, and the subsequence?

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Is this data already in Splunk? Have all the fields been extracted? What is the name of the field that has A.1, A.2 etc?

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Yes, these data are already in Splunk. A.1, A.2 ,etc are not in the data field, the data is just like "978 Start ".

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