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How to calculate percentage deviation



I have logs which looks similar to the sample data attached. In my current scenario I have 30 days hourly data for each of the 9 nodes i.e., "msc "and 303 KPIs i.e., "never" in the sample log. I want to calculate the %deviation of the KPIs i.e., never_* for the latest day from the average of last 30 days. I could calculate the deviation with the below logic but unable to structure the logic to calculate the %deviation. Kindly suggest if my logic is correct to calculate deviation:

index=<indexname> | stats avg(never_*) as avg_* latest(never_*) as values_* by date_hour, msc | foreach values_* [eval deviation_<<MATCHSTR>>=abs(avg_<<MATCHSTR>>-<<FIELD>>] | table date_hour msc deviation_* | stats avg(deviation_*) as avg_dev_* by msc | eval total_avg_dev=0 | foreach avg_dev_* [eval total_avg_dev=<<FIELD>>+total_avg_dev] | eval avg_avg_dev=total_avg_dev/303 | table msc avg_avg_dev | sort - avg_avg_dev | rename avg_avg_dev as deviation | head 10

If this correct then, how should I calculate the percentage deviation in this case?


Try This:

| stats avg(never*) AS avg_never* latest(never*) AS current_never* by hour, msc_name
| foreach current_* [eval pct_deviation_<<MATCHSTR>>=abs(<<FIELD>>-avg_<<MATCHSTR>>)*100/avg_<<MATCHSTR>>]
| table hour msc_name pct_deviation_*
| stats avg(pct_deviation_*) AS avg_pctdeviation_* by msc_name | addtotals| eval avg=Total/5 | fields msc_name avg
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