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How to calculate number of days between the beginning of the month to a date within the same month?


Let's say the date is 20th of feb, 2017. I need to calculate the number of days starting from 1st feb, 2017 till 20th feb, 2017 ie 20 days. How can I calculate this?

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are the dates you are calculating between values in fields? Are they the range from the time picker?

If they are values in fields, it'd be as simple as |eval daysBetween=round((time2-time1)/86400,0) given that the time fields are in epoch, if not, you'll need to do some more evaling with either strftime

If the values are from the time picker, use

|gentimes start=-1 | addinfo | dedup info_min_time info_max_time 
          | eval daysBetween=round((info_max_time-info_min_time)/86400,2)
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