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How to calculate event results based on time picker range & convert into time zones based off of a user for a lookback?


Hi Splunk Community,

I need to be able to calculate results based off of a time range picked by the user where the user also needs those events with their time stamps converted to user's time zone as such.

I have a SUBMITDATE field which needs to fall under the range of the time picker but search query is only picking _time from splunk as the filtering field, how should I filter based on the "SUBMITDATE" field and not _time?
Any help is appreciated.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

In the user preferences you can specify the time zone. After selected all searches and results will be based on you selected time zone. 

Pro tip is to always expose the time zone when working with this kind of topics. 

time_with_timezone = strftime(_time, "%+")


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Every event ingested into Splunk is given a _time value calculated from a method you have control over. This is how you search for events - always based on _time

If your SUBMITDATE field value is what SHOULD be the value used for _time, then you will need to configure your ingestion so that it picks up that field instead of where it is currently getting _time from.

Otherwise you need to search for a wide enough time range in the time picker to be 100% sure of catching all the SUBMITDATE values you want.

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