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How to calculate concurrency using value in event?


Hi all,

I have the following type of data with session information:

starttime=1477419810 endtime=1477419818 count=5 user=abc
starttime=1477419811 endtime=1477419819 count=3 user=def
starttime=1477419813 endtime=1477419818 count=4 user=def
starttime=1477419814 endtime=1477419818 count=2 user=abc

The count field is the actual amount of "sessions started" by the user at "starttime" which ended at "endtime".

Now if I want to calculate the concurrency of each event I can naturally calculate the duration and perform the concurrency command. However the value of "count"

... | eval duration=endtime-starttime | concurrency duration=duration

However I want to sum the value of count as concurrency using the start and end times as the window. So instead of seeing a concurrency of 4 between starttime=1477419814 and endtime=1477419818 I should see 14.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: How to calculate concurrency using value in event?


Try like this (run anywhere sample, replace first 4 lines with your base search)

|  gentimes start=-1 | eval starttime=1477419810 | eval endtime=1477419818 | eval count=5 | eval user="abc" | append[
|  gentimes start=-1 | eval  starttime=1477419811| eval  endtime=1477419819 | eval count=3 | eval user="def" ]| append[
|  gentimes start=-1 | eval  starttime=1477419813 | eval endtime=1477419818 | eval count=4 | eval user="def" ]| append[
|  gentimes start=-1 | eval  starttime=1477419814 | eval endtime=1477419818 | eval count=2 | eval user="abc" ] | fields - *human 
| eval temp=mvrange(starttime, endtime+1) | mvexpand temp | rename temp as _time |  bucket span=1s _time | stats sum(count) as newcount by _time

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