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How to build daily average (response time) with data containing hourly average and number of events per hour?


Hello Everyone,

I construct a csv (output)lookup file containing the hourly average response time, the hourly number of events and the service concerned.
This file is updated daily (scheduled append).

index=apache  [...]
| bin _time span=1h 
| stats avg(responseTimeMilliseconds) as avgResponseTimeMilliseconds count(responseTimeMilliseconds) as numberOfEvents by _time Service
| table _time, Service,avgResponseTimeMilliseconds, numberOfEvents
| outputlookup hourlyaverage.csv append=true

This results in file containing the following columns:
_time | Service | avgResponseTimeMilliseconds | numberOfEvents

This "hourly" file is used for a certain audience.
Still another audience requests a report every quarter of the daily average response time.

Since I have the first file, I would like to avoid the generation of a second file as the daily average can be computed based on the hourly average and the number of events in each hour.
daily average=Sum(hourly average*hourly events)/daily events

I still can't figure out how to make it in Splunk.

Thanks already for your support,


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You could try using a summary index for this, too.

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Like this:

| inputlookup hourlyaverage.csv 
| addinfo
| where _time >= info_min_time AND _time <= info_max_time
| bin _time span=1d
| stats avg(responseTimeMilliseconds) AS responseTimeMilliseconds sum(numberOfEvents ) AS numberOfEvents by _time Service
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