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How to aggregate results based on a set of values

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Hello all,

I have the following query:

index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria1" | table _time, resultValue1, resultValue2, resultValue3 | sort _time

Quick explanation of the fields:

  1. attr1/2: these are some filters which have constants. Those are "irrelevant" to my problem right now.
  2. filterCriteria: The above query has one value as a filter, but I need to filter by two values. This means something like filterCriteria in("Criteria1", "Criteria2").

For achieving this, I tried to use join of two separate queries, based on the filterCriteria attribute, like this:

index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria1" | join filterCriteria [search index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria2"] | table _time, resultValue1, resultValue2, resultValue3 | sort _time

But it seems that it's returning only the values of the last part of the join instead.

resultValue1/2/3 are fields with values shared by both queries, so they can be aggregated.

Is there a most efficient/another way to achieve this filtering by multivalued / in-like criteria?

Thanks in advance!

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Why you don't use the IN to filter request:

index=_internal name IN ("management","ingest")

in your case:

index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria1" | table _time, resultValue1, resultValue2, resultValue3 | sort _time
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(index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria1" ) OR (index=someIndex "attr1"=aConstant attr2="aValue" filterCriteria="Criteria2" ) 
| stats values(_time) as _time , values(resultValue1) as resultValues1, values(resultValue2) as resultValues2, values(resultValue3) as resultValues3 by filterCriteria 
| sort _time

try stats with by .

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