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How to add a field to an event, based on a field from another event.

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I feel like I'm having a brain dead moment. I've been scratching my head over this one...

Essentially, I want to perform a lookup command using the current events in my results. I realize I could generate a lookup table first, then perform my search using that lookup table, but that would complicate several aspects of a process I'm building which I would like to avoid.


<... my_search>
| table employeeID employeeName managerID

with results...

employeeID     employeeName     managerID
000001         Doe, John        000002
000002         Doe, Jane        000003
000003         Bossman, Mr.     -

I would like to create another field managerName, which looks at the current results of <... my_search>, finds where an employeeID matches a managerID, and reads employeeName as managerName. So I could get:

 <... my_search>
 | table employeeID employeeName managerID managerName

with results like...

employeeID     employeeName     managerID     managerName
000001         Doe, John        000002        Doe, Jane
000002         Doe, Jane        000003        Bossman, Mr.
000003         Bossman, Mr.     -             -

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: How to add a field to an event, based on a field from another event.

I think this should work for you:

your current search
| join type=outer managerID
 [ your current search
 | fields employeeID employeeName
 | rename employeeName AS managerName
 | rename employeeID AS managerID ]

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