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How to Work Around Distinct 10K Limit


Hi, trying to get stats of user search stats. I'm struggling trying to workaround the 10K limit with distinct , stats dc(sids) in the below query. 


("data.search_props.type"!=other "data.search_props.user"!=splunk-system-user AND "data.search_props.user"!=admin data.search_props.sid::* host=* index=_introspection sourcetype=splunk_resource_usage)
| eval mem_used='data.mem_used', app='data.search_props.app', elapsed='data.elapsed', label='data.search_props.label', intro_type='data.search_props.type', mode='data.search_props.mode', user='data.search_props.user', cpuperc='data.pct_cpu', search_head='data.search_props.search_head', read_mb='data.read_mb', provenance='data.search_props.provenance', label=coalesce(label,provenance), sid='data.search_props.sid'
| rex field=sid "^remote_[^_]+_(?P<sid>.*)"
| eval sid=(("'" . sid) . "'"), search_id_local=replace('data.search_props.sid',"^remote_[^_]+",""), from=null(), username=null(), searchname2=null(), searchname=null()
| rex field=search_id_local "(_rt)?(_?subsearch)*_?(?P<from>[^_]+)((_(?P<base64username>[^_]+))|(__(?P<username>[^_]+)))((__(?P<app>[^_]+)__(?P<searchname2>[^_]+))|(_(?P<base64appname>[^_]+)__(?P<searchname>[^_]+)))"
| rex field=search_id_local "^_?(?P<from>SummaryDirector)"
| fillnull from value="adhoc"
| eval searchname=coalesce(searchname,searchname2), type=case((from == "scheduler"),"scheduled",(from == "SummaryDirector"),"acceleration",isnotnull(searchname),"dashboard",true(),"ad-hoc"), type=case((intro_type == "ad-hoc"),if((type == "dashboard"),"dashboard",intro_type),true(),intro_type)
| fillnull label value="unknown"
| stats max(elapsed) as runtime max(mem_used) as mem_used, sum(cpuperc) AS totalCPU, avg(cpuperc) AS avgCPU, max(read_mb) AS read_mb, values(sid) AS sids by type, mode, app, user, label, host, search_head, data.pid
| eval type=replace(type," ","-"), search_head_cluster="default" 
| stats dc(sids) AS search_count, sum(totalCPU) AS total_cpu, sum(mem_used) AS total_mem_used, max(runtime) AS max_runtime, avg(runtime) AS avg_runtime, avg(avgCPU) AS avgcpu_per_indexer, sum(read_mb) AS read_mb, values(app) AS app by type, user
| eval prefix="user_stats.introspection."
| addinfo
| rename info_max_time as _time
| fields - "info_*"


Can someone suggest a tweak in the SPL to get around distinct 10K limit?

Thank you,



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