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How to Match Akamai WAF Info with Lookup Table?


One of my business partners wants to create a search on his Akamai data taking the Rule IDs from the WAS Info field and match those to a lookup table to get the textual reference to the Rule ID code. I am not sure how to match to a lookup table when the field can have multiple values separated by ":"; such as this:


Separating the different rule IDs is a simple rex, but how do I use that multi-value field to match up against the lookup table to get all the text meanings for those codes?

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I don't know how to make Splunk handle a multi-value input key, but you could do this, assuming that the field is named WAS_Info:

| makemv delim=":" WAS_Info
| mvexpand WAS_Info
| lookup your_lookup_name WAS_Info as RuleID OUTPUT RuleText

then do whatever you want...

Here is some additional info: Manipulate and Evaluate Multivalued Fields


Thank you, this has provided just what I needed.

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