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How do you upload a CSV using button click?

Hi All,

I want to upload a CSV file into a particular lookup folder related to that app only using javascript or XML code anything.

What i want is for when I click on button , it will browse to my local storage, and than i would have to upload one csv file that is directly saved to that lookup folder related to that app like ..................../en-US/manager/appname/data/lookup-table-files

1. If that same name lookup is already available there ,it should delete and replace with my new file, otherwise we would get a name exits error
2. I am using server that lookups are stored in server like winscp/s3 browser, so I am unable to redirect it to that path.
3. I want to do this whole process using with code only without touching or running any code or command.
4. If possible, I'd also like it to do a debug refresh and _bump also via in this code .

I tried which one suggested by @niketnilay also

Simply:- Dashboards-->click on upload button -->import file from pc -->IF exits that file delete than replace with latest fle --> uploaded succesful. -->If possible backend run debug refresh and _bump also...

thats it 🙂 Happy Splunking ..

Thanks in advance .....:)

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hi @harishalipaka,

Did the answer below solve your problem? If so, please resolve this post by approving it!

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If the Lookup File Editor app will not do it, it provides enough code for you to cannibalize to build your own thing:


@harishalipaka are you in need of Lookup Editor App?

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