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How do you search for the string "error" after a particular string appears?

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I would like to check for the string "ERROR" after the application is in a stable state.

The application logs the string "Starting server", from this point onwards, I would like to filter for the string "ERROR".

I'm thinking the the search should something like below:

index=app  | transaction startswith="Starting server" | map search=ERROR

Any ideas?

Many thanks

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For transaction command to be effective, it is best to provide some unique identifier that ties events together eg: sessionid, userid, processid, guid etc. This helps transaction command group events more reliably. The startswith and endswith help better define boundary events within the transaction.

In you use case, it would be best to add a "transaction id". Regardless, you could add endswith="ERROR". This may give you what you are looking for.

Ideally you would have something like this

index=app | transaction some_uniqe_id startswith="Server started" endswith="Error" keepevicted=f 

or you could have keepevicted=t and filter out where closed_txn=0

Hope this gives you some ideas

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