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How do you get events time interval as 15 minutes on timechart x-axis?


Hi one and all,
I have my log data as below for every 15min interval.


This is how i have data for 24 hrs. When i do 'timechart` the graph bins automatically showing with 4 hrs gap on scale. But i wanted 15m wise points on graph along with the time on x-axis.
please see the below picture for expected output
alt text

what i am getting is below from timechart command
alt text

I want 15m scale on x-axis.can some one help on this?
Thanks in advance.

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Can you show the "statistics tab" with _time and values that would be helpful

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Hi @prathapkcsc,

this might help you.


so for your search that should look like this

...| timechart span=15m fixedrange=true ...

you need to edit the SimpleXML options of the chart on the dashboard, adding the following:

<option name="charting.scaleX">1</option>
<option name="charting.axisLabelsX.majorUnit">P0Y0M0DT0H15M0S</option>
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I tried this. It didn't work with my dash board.

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