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How do you do a recursive search for the first value from every morning?


Can you run a Splunk search and have it only return the first log value identified at a certain time per day, and then stop searching that day's logs and move onto the next day, repeat, etc. for the width of the Splunk search?

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Many people do not know this but you can string along pairs of earliest and latest like this:

index=* (earliest=@d latest=now) OR (earliest=-1d@d latest=-1d@d+1h) OR ...
| bin _time span=1d
| dedup _time Your Other Fields Here
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@GauravSplunxter community would be able to assist you better if you provide more details with what you have tried so far.

However, maybe use date_hour and date_minute filter in your main search if you are looking for specific log per day and it comes in at a certain time of day. Then you can use first() statistical function along with date_mday (and any other required key field) to capture fist value you are interested in

<yourMainSearch> date_hour IN (yourHourOfDay) AND date_hour IN (yourMinuteOfDay) 
| stats first(someField) as firstEvent by date_mday

Another option would be to try with dedup with date_mday (and any other key field)

<yourMainSearch> date_hour IN (yourHourOfDay) AND date_hour IN (yourMinuteOfDay) 
| reverse
| dedup date_mday
| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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maybe you could provide the actual problem you're trying to solve?

Initially, i would say that splunk doesn't work that way, no. You would more likely have to search for all of the data, and then use spl to filter/manipulate results to show the specific events on each day that you want.

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Is there a specific time of the day you want to search OR just the first row that day? What's the timeranges that you're going to use with this search?

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