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How do you create a table with each row being a log and every column being a recognized "Interesting Field"?


I was wondering if there is an easy way to create a table that contains every single recognized interesting field instead of doing the usual | table field1, field2... method.

To be clear I want to have each row in the table as a separate instance/log and not a summary of counts. In other words, I would like a substitution for | table but to capture every single interesting field that is recognized. Thanks!

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I am sorry if I misunderstood the question.
In this search statement you can see the fields used in the log and the number of occurrences.

index=* | stats dc(*) as * | transpose
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sorry this doesnt answer my question i am looking for a shortcut that will basically do something like this:

       field1 .    field2 ....  field100 
log A:    stringA .  stringB .  stringC 
logB:     stringD . stringE .   stringF

i know you can do it manually by performing the command | table field1, field2... field100

but typing out every field i want to capture is extremely time consuming so i am wondering if there is a shortcut to do it

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