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How do you allow automatically match against lookup file multi-value field

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Hello experts - 

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out if there's something at the low level configuration side that needs to be done to allow lookup matches against a multi valued field.  I have two environments, with relatively same data, where I'm able to run a lookup and get back data on one but not the other using a similar approach. See sample search below 


| makeresults 
| eval uid= "1017" 
| lookup cust_uid.csv po_id as uid OUTPUT region, customer


The contents of the lookup files is relatively the same on both but when I run the same command I get a match on one splunk instance but not the other. Below is a snippet of the lookup contents - 3 sample entries


XXX,US - West,"0
YYY,US - East,"1299


Again, I'm not quite sure why I can't do a simple lookup against the multi valued field po_id and get back the 2 fields I call out in the output, thoughts?

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Try mvexpand on po_id so you can lookup against each value separately

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