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How do I use the output from one serch as input to another?


I have a log file that comes from an email gateway (Ironmail). Each inbound message generates multple records within the log file. I need to be able to search for content in one of these records to obtain the common field in another record to retrive the results I need. Basically, using the output from one serch as input to another.
How can I do this in one step within Splunk?

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Or, you could be speaking of a transaction. It depends on how you're trying to frame it, and the type of data you're dealing with.



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What you are looking for is a sub search.


Your subsearch will obtain the fields from the ironmail log which is then used as fields that are sent to the outer search.

example. index=other_index [search index=ironmail some_search_string | fields email_address ]

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