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How do I subscribe to new questions related to apps I've written?

Super Champion

I want to be emailed when someone asks a question about this app. How do I do that?

I see that you can subscribe to questions that hit certain "tags".... And I see there is a "tag" like thing that links to my app. But I don't can't seem to find my app tag in the lists of tags. Is there a trick I'm missing?

  • Lowell

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Just start typing your app name in the subscribe box... it auto-completes it and subscribes. I can't figure any other way.

For instance, click the link on your app tag on your question, it goes to http://splunk-base.splunk.com/apps/22370/related_questions/ ...

In the "Email Notifications" box which is empty for some reason (that seems to be a bug in the answers site), just type your app name "RunSavedSearch alert action" (without quotes, obviously), and hit subscribe. While you're typing, you should get a drop down indicating that the site knows it's a tag ... even though, you know ... it's not really?

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