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How do I search the count of events and use that value to calculate another field?

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I wish to count the number of events and then use that value to calculate something else.

I tried something like this:

index=dotcom sourcetype=dotcomaccesslog status != 2* pid=www.abc.com |
eventstats count as todayTotal |stats count(status) as todayValue by status | eval percent = (todayValue/todayTotal)*100

But todayTotal comes as empty when I use it in eval (though the bold line successfully gets the value of todayTotal).
Please suggest how can i use the value of "total number of events" (todayTotal in the case above).

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Like this:

index=dotcom sourcetype=dotcom_access_log status != 2* pid=www.abc.com|stats count(status) as todayValue by status | eventstats sum(todayValue) AS todayTotal | eval percent = (todayValue/todayTotal)*100
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Move your eventstats after your stats command and change it to | eventstats sum(todayValue) as todayTotal

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Does this give you what you're looking for?

index=dotcom sourcetype=dotcom_access_log pid=www.abc.com | stats count as total count(eval(status!="2*")) as statuscount | eval percent=statuscount/total*100

If you want the percentage for all status > 200 then try this

 index=dotcom sourcetype=dotcom_access_log pid=www.abc.com  status>299 | stats count by status | stats sum(count) as value by status | eventstats sum(value)  as total | eval percent=value/total*100
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I think the search is losing the field todayTotal when it do the stats command by status. I think the search should do the stats by status, todayTotal which will also keep the todayTotal field in the results so you can calculate the percent field.

...|stats count(status) as todayValue by status,todayTotal | eval percent = (todayValue/todayTotal)*100
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