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How do I search if a windows Event code xxxx from the Security logs is being ingested into Splunk?


Please share a SPL to show if a certain event code ( Windows) from Security logs is being ingested into Splunk. I appreciate a response in advance.

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What do you mean by "is being"? Because a question for a simple field=value search seems a bit lazy 😉

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I mean a certain event code is being pulled into Splunk so we see it in the event logs. Thank u

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Hi @SamHTexas,

as @PickleRick said, you have only to add a simple filter to your main search, so e.g. if you want to find the login, logout and logfail events:

index=wineventlog (EventCode=4624 OR EventCode=4625 OR EventCode=4634=
| ...

The only problem is identify the EventCodes that you need.



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