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How do I reformat table values in columns to rows and rows to columns?

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I have table like below

Backup_Status   BackupDate  Servers
Success       07/16/2016    archiveserver1
Failed         07/16/2016   archiveserver2
Success       07/17/2016    archiveserver3
Success       07/18/2016    archiveserver4
Failed         07/18/2016   archiveserver5

I would like to have:

BackupDate  Server1         Server2         Server3         Server4         Server5
            archiveserver1  archiveserver2  archiveserver3  archiveserver4  archiveserver5
07/16/2016  Success         Failed                                 
07/17/2016                                  Success
07/18/2016                                                  Success         Failed
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Is this what you are looking for?

your base search
| xyseries BackupDate Servers Backup_Status


alt text

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Try this

... | chart values(Backup_Status) as Status over BackupDate by Servers
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