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How do I fix DMC KVstore "Collection Metrics" error

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I recently added a new SH to our SHC.  Show shcluster-status is good, show kvstore-status is good.  I created some kvstore entries on SH1 and they replicated to SH5 (the new one).  I also see the results of scheduled searches that are writting to the kvstore(s) being replicated to the new SH.   I see no errors in splunkd.log.  However, when ever the DMC tries to access /services/server/introspection/kvstore/collectionstats for the "KV Store: Instance" panel, it errors with 
"The Rest request on the endpoint URI /services/server/introspection/kvstore/collectionstats?count=0 returned HTTP 'status not OK': code=500 internal server error'"

I can hit the other /kvstore APIs just fine, .../kvstore/replicasetstats and .../kvstore/serverstats.

If i run "| rest splunk_server=local /services/server/introspection/kvstore/collectionstats" on the new search head in a search bar I get the same error.

This is version 8.2.0 and the kvstore is using the wiredTiger storage engine.

Any suggestions?



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How did you fix this? I am currently experiencing the same error after adding a new search head to our cluster.

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