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How do I add a dashboard link to the App?

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Hello, I have created a dashboard, it is public within my group. I want the end users to be able to open the main SPLUNK link and see all the teams dashboards. We have most of the dashboards linked to the app but I dont know how to add the one I just did. Added a picutre. splunk help.jpg

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hi @Elupt01,

You can update the navigation menu to include links to all of you dashboards.

If you go to: 

Settings > User Interface > Navigation Menus > default

You will see a text box where you can put in XML to define your navigation.

There are a few ways to show items.

Note: DASHBOARD_NAME refers to the name of the dashboard as seen in the URL, not the title.

To link a single dashboard on the main navigation bar use this format:

<view name="DASHBOARD_NAME" />


To create a dropdown with a bunch of dashboards, use this format:

<collection label="Team Dashboards">
    <view name="DASHBOARD_NAME_1" />
    <view name="DASHBOARD_NAME_2" />
    <view name="DASHBOARD_NAME_3" />


If you want the dashboards to be automatically added to the menu when you create them, use this format:

<collection label="Team Dashboards">
    <view source="unclassified" />

The "unclassified" here means it will list all dashboards not explicitly mentioned in the navigation menu.


There are a few other tricks you can do, like using URLs as menu links:

<a href="https://company.intranet.com" target="_blank">Team Intranet Page</a>


Have a look at the dev docs for more detailed info:


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